Tris and Four in Entertainment Weekly’s 10 All-Time Favorite YA Couples

We all love Fourtris, but check it out, Entertainment Weekly loves them too! Here's what they had to say:
First Encounter: After Tris jumps off the top of a train into a net many feet below, Four is the blue-eyed leader who helps her up.
Defining Moment: Tris and Four have a heart-to-heart atop an abandoned Ferris wheel.
Relationship Challenges: Four trains Tris in the first book, making their relationship forbidden. More importantly, Tris fears intimacy.
Why They Work: Despite her tightly wound, fiercely independent nature, Tris is uncontrollably drawn to Four. He supports and protects her without turning her into a damsel in distress. They're very much equals. —Stephan Lee